I started Koehler Law Offices on my own in 2011, and i’ve been defending people against criminal charges, and protecting them in divorce and custody proceedings ever since. 

Over the years my business has grown, and so has my support team.  I’ve learned that there are 2 skills you have to have to protect people.  The first is obvious: you have to have legal skills.  You have to know the law, you have to be able to advocate for your client, to tell a story to a jury, to negotiate.  You can get these things from law school, and from practice. 

But the second thing is really what makes the difference.  It’s a mix of practical experience, street smarts and simple empathy.  I think of it as “true understanding”.  When you have true understanding of the challenges a client faces, you can represent them better than anyone else. 

I’ve gotten good at gaining true understanding of my client’s cases by walking thousands of them through the difficult challenges that they face, and even facing a few of my own.  That understanding is what makes me great at my job, and it’s what I love about being a lawyer.

If you’re facing some legal challenges, call us up, we can help you too!

Company Mission

Protect and defend the rights and livelihoods of our clients.

Company Vision

True understanding of our client’s challenges.

Company History

Established in 2011, we have the experience of representing clients just like you.